Hoàng Duy Tân, founder and also band leader. He has a divert talent as a guitarist and keyboardist. He also composes and arranges music for various productions such as Blue Ocean Entertainment and Johnny Dung Music Entertainment.
 Thanh Tiến, younger brother of Tan and also one of the original band members. By far he is one of the best drummer within the Vietnamese Community. His skills deliver a sound like no other!
Châu Khải Phong - The finest and only professional trumpet player in the Vietnamese music community. He is also a member of VanSon’s Entertainment production and has performed on VanSon’s music DVD. A side playing trumpet, Phong is also a recording engineer and the owner of PK recording studio.


It all started when a group of young energetic musicians got together and spent hours playing fun music. From that moment they decided to form a band, where together they could share their passion and love for music and at the same time bring a fresh and modern sound to the Vietnamese Community. Since 1991, whether it was playing for private parties, special events, or hired as professional musicians to play in various areas, the Band always delivers their best artistic skills on stage and makes sure to put on a great show for their audience every time no matter what the occasion or where they performed. Through the years the band kept strong and on top of their game by sharing one vision. To proudly always continue to cater and serve their community with displays of great music and entertainment among all ages. Today as many already know The Young Brothers Band specializes in performing at wedding parties and receptions. It is within their best interest to ensure that every aspect of the entertainment from the MC, the singers of the band, song selections, sound quality/volume, etc. is handled at a great level of professionalism. Tan, Tien, and Anh Duc originally formed the Young Brothers Band.

Anh Đức - The original singer/MC of                 TYB. He is the one that runs your reception smooth and orderly fashion.  His speech is clear and especially fluently in both English and Vietnamese.

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